“Las amores sefaradis” new album by Shira U’tfila

After eleven years Shira utfila has finally released a new album named “Las amores sefaradis”, which continues to nurture and promote Sephardic culture. This is the seventh album of this ensemble, and the first in collaboration with new members Branislav Podrumac and Aleksandar Jovanović Šljuk.

As expected, listeners can expect in the powerful sound of the Arabic oud in combination with kanun, double bass, violin, clarinet, percussions, piano, and, of course, the voice of Stefan Sablić, this time whit support of soprano Branislava Podrumac.

Branislava submerges her soprano voice into the Sephardic ambience by bringing emotions into each verse in such manner that would make even King Ferdinand and Isabella to sing-along (the very same that expelled the Jewish people from Spain).

Konstantin Šibul – https://worldmusic.org.rs

Concert promotion of this album was held on Sunday, October 24th in Jewish Cultural Center in Belgrade, as part of Ethno Fusion Fest.

Shira U’tfila at Jewish Cultural Center in Belgrade. Photo©: Tanja Drobnjak

The new album is available on all streaming platforms. Hopefuls  you will enjoy this unique collection of Sephardic love songs from the Balkans!