Branislava Podrumac as Hanna Glawari in The Merry Widow

Who is a mystical widow Hanna Glawari, why everybody wants her attention and her money, why her old love, Count Danilo Danilovitsch, does not want to tell her that he loves her and what does the king of Montenegro have to do with it and a scandalous fan as well – you will find out in the greatest operetta spectacle – THE MERRY WIDOW!    

Branislava Podrumac as the widow Hanna Glawari, in addition to her incredible vocal skills, also has the stage charisma of one Scarlett O’Hara.

 – Zorica Kojić for Danas Newspaper

What makes the music in The Merry Widow so appealing is the richness of melodies, the particular erotic fluid and the dance motifs that choreographers have always been happy to use.

The rhythms of mazurka, polonaise, kolo, gallop, cancan alternate in the operetta, but nevertheless waltz dominates. The orchestra is very numerous, real opera one, even symphonic and the title heroine has gone from the repertoire of cheerful and funny roles singer to the repertoire of opera divas.

The Merry Widow is estimated to have been performed about 500.000 times in the first sixty years. According to a theater writer John Kenrick, by 1960s, no other play or musical achieved such international commercial success. No wonder it is known as the Queen of Operettas!

The Belgrade audience had the opportunity to enjoy this operetta only in twice, in 1965 and 1976. The Merry Widow, with its premiere in Madlenianum on February 2020, brings something what no other performance has brought before.

As the Merry Widow Hanna Glawari, Branislava was absolutely brilliant, as this role was written for her voice; charismatic, gentle and passionate, she dominated the scene with her adequate acting, excellent pronunciation in speech parts, and great virtuosity in arias and duets.

Of course, she was especially good in the famous “Vilja song”, where she showed emotionality and tenderness, nostalgia and melancholy in the full register. Throughout the play, she remained inspired and confident in her vocal technique and acting skills, in her great talent, which came to full extent in “The Merry Widow”.

Zorica Premate, Radio Belgrade 2

Keeping the charm of the original story, this version even further plays with the contemporary dynamics of theatrical storytelling, brings new scenes and enhances the cabaret atmosphere, making it suitable for all generations eager for laughter, good music and dance, as well as theatrical pleasure.

A part of the creative team on this great project comes from neighboring Croatia and is pleased to bring its own theatrical experiences in synergy with the team of Belgrade theatre Madlenianum, which has the largest theaters performances in the region. The set design is signed by Vesna Rezic, costume design by Duska Nesic, a choreographer is Milica Cerovic. A large ensemble is being chosen these days at auditions where a large number of candidates have applied for, over 130, most of whom are actors!