Svetlosti pozornice - Gala koncert

Opera i teatar Madlenianum u 2021. godini puni 24 godine koliko je prisutan na pozorišnoj karti Srbije. Povodom Dana Madlenianuma u subotu, 6. februara održan je svečani koncert pod nazivom Svetlosti pozornice, sa takvim uspehom da je uvršten u redovni repertoar.

 Along with supreme artists who have been building the musical repertoire of this house for years, the sopranos Branislava Podrumac and Mina Gligoric, accompanied by young tenors Dimitrije Cincar Kostic and Dusan Svilar, have presented themselves with an unusual and entertaining program. The concert is conceived as a blend of opera, operetta, musical and classic hits from the 60s. It is  an emotional evening with the soloists shining in the recognizable hits of Madlenianum stage, but also in numbers our audience had not heard the performing before. The soloists are accompanied by the “Habanera” Quartet and the piano of Milivoje Veljic. As to add the entire program an additional celebratory note, the director Robert Boskovic was engaged, while the playwright Igor Weidlich was in charge of additional texts and dynamic transitions in numbers.