Shira U’tfila (Song & Prayer)

Branislava with Shira U’tfila

Embarking on the project If I forget you, Jerusalem (online streamed concert from Sukkat Shalom Synagogue in Belgrade on December 17, 2020.) Branislava joined the group Shira U’tfila (Song & Prayer) becoming their lead female vocal.

Shira U’tfila brings together a multi-ethnic, multi-faith ensemble that draws its inspiration from the diversity and richness of Judeo-Spanish, Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Balkan musical traditions.

The band passionately blends its knowledge of classical traditions and dedication to their preservation with a flair for improvisation and a talent for fusion. Its distinct sound brings a modern twist to an historical legacy.

Members of Shira U’tfila:

Branislava Podrumac – Vocal

FIlip Krumes – Violin

Stefan Sablić – Vocal, oud, kanun

Srđan Đorđević – Doublebass

Sinan Aćifović – Clarinet

Goran Milošević – Percussions