Shira U’tfila: If I forget you, Jerusalem

Shira utfila concert • If I forget you, Jerusalem

Shira U’tfila (Song & Prayer) online streamed concert from Sukkat Shalom Synagogue in Belgrade.

This project features the poetry of some of the greatest Jewish poets, such as Judah Halevi, Shlomo Ibn Gavirol, and Rabbi Israel Najara, paired with a set of pieces originating from Sephardic, Oriental and Ashkenazi Jewish musical traditions. The project is supported by: “Week of Israel” (Croatia) Jewish Community of Zrenjanin Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.

Project author : Stefan Sablić

Musicians: Branislava Podrumac – Vocal

FIlip Krumes – Violin

Stefan Sablić – Vocal, oud, kanun

Srđan Đorđević – Doublebass

Sinan Aćifović – Clarinet

Goran Milošević – Percussions

Mirza Ređepagić – Guitar

Kenan Mackovic – Piano

Poems read by: Mladen Andrejević
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