Koncert Shira Utfila & Branislava Podrumac


28 May 2023


20:00 - 21:30

Koncert Shira Utfila & Branislava Podrumac

Najlepše sefardske ljubavne pesme

Shira Utfila (song & prayer) is a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional ensemble that draws its inspiration from the diversity and richness of Judeo-Spanish, Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Balkan musical traditions.

Founded in the year 2000. by its vocalist and oud player Stefan Sablic, with the aim to preserve and promote the Sephardic musical heritage of the Balkans, Mediterranean, and North Africa, Shira Utfila has released seven CDs, toured a dozen countries and collaborated on various research and production projects involving Sephardic music from the Balkans, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East.

The band passionately blends its knowledge of classical traditions and dedication
to their preservation with a flair for improvisation and a talent for fusion.
Its distinct sound brings a modern twist to a historical legacy.

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